+ wish list +

I can’t sleep well tonite
too full with thoughts of you
wish i never have to reason why
wish I never have to justify
somethings are better left unsaid
but if u look into my eyes
You will find I have no place to run or hide

there’s a restlessness in me
begging to be let free
wish i could find the words
wish i could ease the hurt
somethings are better left untold, yeah
as i lay here all alone
single flame across the sky
across the nite

and I ..wish i could steal the stars for you,
keep u safe keep you warm wish i could hold you
i watch you smile when you sleep
wish u could see me in your dreams
tonite…i’ll be your guiding light
wish i could tell you how much you mean to me

can’t believe it can hurt so bad
but i keep it all inside
wish i could shout it out
wish i could tell the world
but i couldn’t find the strength
couldn’t find the way to make u understand
as i lay here all alone
wish u could hear me now

wish i could conquer my fears
wish i could dispel my insecurities
I apologize…. coz


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